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My name is Jenna Miles and I recently graduated from Glendale High School. My high school was small, my graduating class consisting of only 62 students. We all graduated and went our seperate ways. My senior year of high school I decided I was ready to begin college early so I enrolled in the PACE program at Penn State Altoona. I went to high school until 11 am each day and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I would drive over to PSU where I took an English and psychology course. I also had a part time job on the campus at Port Sky Cafe. I loved it and I made a lot of new friends but after I was done with my classes I had to stop working at the Cafe because I was no longer a PSU student. I also recieved the Mckelvey Scholarship which is a fifty thousand dollar scholarship. I could choose from 12 colleges and Juniata was the best pick because it was the best for biology.

After my enjoyable summer I began my journey at Juniata College. I am in the biology/pre-physicians assistant program of emphesis. I love my classes and all of my professors are a lot of fun. I have made a lot of friends here as well and I have already named some of them 'brides maids' because I can already tell that they are life long friends. I also have a boyfriend that attends Juniata. We met in high school and have been dating for five years, his name is Mark. I go home on some weekends to visit with my crazy family.

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