Welcome to fluff

This is fluff, a completely envrionmental friendly product that stays away from the harmful chemicals on your regular pillows. We want to give you the best sleeping experience you can possibly get, and we believe that starts with a perfect pillow for you.

Don't you feel like sleeping comfortably and healthily? fluff is here for you.

Why fluff?

Each of our pillows is carefully made to satisfy your comfort requirements. We have the most unique pillows on the market and are sure that you will be satisfiied with your product, or money back!

Do you like firm pillows, how about soft? Even memory pillows or ever-cool pillows. We have it all, and at an affordable price!

Custom pillows

We can cusomize your pillows to make them perfect for you. From neck pillows to body pillows, we supply every option that you could imagine.


We have an amazing new deal for you!

Don't you hate when your pillow gets really warm and muggy at night? Tired of turnin your pillow around to get the cool side? We have the answer:

Our new revoluionary ever-cool pillow will stay cool all night long, or your money back! At an affordable price of 20-50$ depending on the size, material and texture you can have this new product tonight!