A Long Way Gone :
Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
Ishmael Beah  

by Ishmael Beah


Juniata College
Summer Reading 2007 :

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"...For in this hour when the dying night lingers
Unwilling to surrender its wakening darkness
Over your face and fevered brow, my torn fingers
Will stray bringing such comfort
As may calm your doubting heart."

~Abioseh Nicol (poet from Sierra Leone)


Welcome to the online collaborative learning forum for Juniata College's 2007 summer reading book, A Long Way Gone:
Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.

One of the greatest joys to be found in reading a book is in the act of sharing it with another person. We want to share
A Long Way Gone
with you.

We hope you find within this site something that can be of use to you in your reading, discussing, or teaching of the book.
Use the links at the left to navigate through the various suggested resources, including web links, library resources, and
downloadable worksheets, activities, and discussion questions.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this project is the Discussion Forum. Please follow the link to a place where everybody
on the Juniata campus can read others' thoughts and questions and share their own ideas and responses. True understanding
and growth come from thoughtful discussion, and we sincerely hope you will take the time to let us know your thoughts,
ideas, and questions as you make your way through the book.

Though often touted as a solitary activity, reading can and should be a shared experience. We're looking forward to sharing with you.

Sarah May Clarkson, Director of Academic Support Services
Mary Murray, Head of Library Instruction