Scenic State Parks and Nature Areas

Below is a listing of some State Parks and Natural Areas that are in the local area. Basic information about the area are provided if a website link is not available about that site. 

General Website for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources State Parks
or telephone toll free 888-PA-PARKS, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday

State Parks
Greenwood Furnace
Whipple Dam State Park
Trough Creek State Park
Canoe Creek State Park
Cowans Gap State Park
Warriors Path State Park
Penn Roosevelt State Park

Nature Areas
Raystown Lake
Detweiler Field  

Located on Route 26 North just a few miles out of town, Detwiler Field offers a track for walking, biking, running, and skating; grass playing fields; a basketball court; young child playground area; sandbox; picnic pavilion; pond; running stream; and nature trail.    
Lower Trial
Bear Meadows Natural Area

Situated in the mountains north of Greenwood Furnance State Park and northwest of Whipple Dam State Park. The Bear Meadows Natural Area has a large bog area with a nice hiking trail.
Alan Seeger Natural Area 

This natural area is located five miles northeast of McAlveys Fort along Alan Seeger Road m consists of 118 acres of uncut forest. Walking trails and Picnic areas can be enjoyed.
Little Juniata Natural Area

Located off Route 45, near the small town of Barree. It is an area where the river passes through a water gap in the mountain. Great trout fishing here.


Thousand Steps
Quarry workers used the steps to reach their job site to mine for silca.  Located just of U.S. Route 22, eight miles east of Huntingdon or two miles west of Mount Union in Jackís Narrows Park. The access can be found along the north side of the highway just east of a high, rock-retaining fence. To the east of the gravel parking area is Jacks Springs and the trailhead. Look for a blue blazed trail to the right of the spring. Follow the trail for about 300 yards to the base of the steps. The Link Trailís orange blazing marks the route up the Thousand steps.

Indian Caverns

Juniata College, in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, established the Raystown Field Station to provide special opportunities for environmental research and education. Situated on Raystown Lake, the 365 acre reserve lies in the valley and ridge province of central Pennsylvania and offers visitors access to the various aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of this unique region. 
Biology Department, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA 16652  
Telephone:  (814) 641- 3572 


The Pennsylvania State University, 508A Keller Building, University Park PA 16802-1308
Phone: (814) 863-2000; (814) 667-3424 Fax: (814) 865-2706
Shaverís Creek Environmental Center is nestled in the ridge-and-valley province of
Pennsylvania that is rich in both natural and cultural history.  The center provides a variety of educational and recreational opportunities. Enticing trails wind through the surrounding woodlands, hillsides, and marshlands.  Enjoy the discovery rooms with nature and environmental themes;  tour the raptor center; and take advantage of the network of trails. 

Zebrovka Ranch
A ranch located on over 156 acres with over a dozen North American Plains Bison.


Swigart Auto Museum
The museum has the distinction of being the oldest automobile museum in America.
  Located along Route 22 approximately five miles east of Huntingdon.
Telephone: (814) 928-5253

Old Bedford Village    1-800-238-4347