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Hi. Welcome to my home page; a little about myself first. I am an experimental psychologist studying Evolutionary Psychology. I received my doctorate from The State University of New York at Albany in Biopsychology. There I worked with Bob Rosellini studying Learned Helplessness and other effects of the exposure to uncontrollable stress. I was especially interested in a more ecological approach to these questions. That interest lead me to my next position, Post-doctoral research associate in Bill Timberlake's lab. While there I studied Time-Place learning and the ultradian control of daily rhythms of feeding and out-of-nest behavior.

Now I am a Professor of Psychology at Juniata College. I am primarily responsible for teaching Introduction to Psychology, Comparative Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Biosychology, Learning and Conditioning, and Research Methods in Psychology. 

In the lab, undergraduates and I study possible explanations for the evolution of religion from an Evolutionary Psychology point of view.  

Here are some links I find useful

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