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Currently, I teaches four History courses, an Interdisciplinary Colloquia titled "Shaping Of The American Mind", and a section of College Writing Seminar for freshmen. I serve as a student advisor and I share faculty advisor duties for the Omicron Delta Kappa (Student Leadership) at Juniata. I am the founder and moderator of H-SC, an H-Net discussion list on South Carolina History and Culture. Among other roles at Juniata I am on the editorial board for Juniata Voices.

My research interest focus on the U.S. South. I am the author of Lowcountry Time and Tide: The Collapse of the Rice Kingdom (2010 USC Press) and I have a website dedicated to presenting additional material on lowcountry rice culture ricekingdom.com. I also blog at Jim 2-10.

My current research, tentively titled Twice a Traitor: The Life of E. W. Gantt, will be a biography of Confederate Brigadier General E. W. Gantt of Arkansas who changed sides and became a pro-Lincoln Unionist halfway through the Civil War.

I am also working with several colleagues on a Scholarhsip of Teaching and Learning project that studies tehimpact of cultural event attendance on students.

Lastly, in collaboration with my students in History of Food I am compiing a book of recipe histories.

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