Study Questions for Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers

For this assignment, you MUST read pages 1-299 (Chapters 1 through 24). If you're hooked on the story, which you may be, and want to read the rest, you can complete the extra credit assignment below and turn it in before the last day of class to get extra credit on your quiz grade.

1. Who is the King of France in d'Artagnan's France? What is he like?
2. Who actually controls the kingdom?
3. What is life like for d'Artagnan and his friends? What is their social position? What is their job?
4. Why is dueling important in d'Artagnan's life? Why do you think people of his time used it?

EXTRA CREDIT assignment:
Write a one-page essay summarizing the rest of the book and answering the following question: what was the relationship between Catholic and Protestant in seventeenth-century France? How does the story make this clear?

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