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Hispanic Literature and Culture Courses

Included below are the intermediate and advanced Hispanic literature and culture courses that I teach at Juniata. For more information on them, click on the course titles to review the most recent syllabus. Most of these courses are offered on a once every four semesters basis. At the bottom of the page, I have included some useful and fun links to web resources on Hispanic cultures.

Spanish 250 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Spanish 255/355 - Contemporary Hispanic Short Fiction

Spanish 265/365 - Contemporary Spain

Spanish 275/375 - Art & Activism in Latin America

SP/CA 300 - Myth & Magic Realism

SP/CA 301 - Latin American Testimonio

Spanish 400 - Contemporary Latin American Novel

Spanish 405 - Contemporary Spanish Novel

Spanish 420 - The Generation of 1898

Web Resources for Hispanic Cultures and Literatures (also see the links on my language page for some excellent on-line cultural resources and those at the bottom of my interests page for Hispanic film sites)

  • LANIC (Latin American Network Information Center) - a comprehensive guide to on-line material and data bases in and about Latin American and Caribbean countries. Links are organized by both country and subject areas.
  • Centro Virtual Cervantes - the official site of Spain's Instituto Cervantes, all in Spanish, which offers a section titled Actos culturales with information on a wide variety of Spanish cultural topics.
  • Museo del Prado - link to one of the world's finest art museums.
  • Festivales culturales españoles - a directory of hundreds of Spanish cultural festivals.


  • Inlibris - with nearly 54,000 links, Inlibris contains perhaps the largest directory of literary resources on the web.
  • Rincón castellano - in addition to sketches of literary history, offers entertaining sections such as Rincón de chistes y Piropos de amor.
  • poesías - a fairly extensive anthology of poetry in Spanish on the web, as well as some useful links.
  • The Modern Word - contains insightful sections on two of my favorite authors, Jorge Luis Borges (The Garden of Forking Paths) and Gabriel García Márquez (Macondo)



  • AUDIOVISUALES.net - links to both Spanish and international radio stations as well as a variety of other media available on-line.
  • Zona Latina - links to a variety of Latin American radio stations and Latin music available over the internet.