Dr. Paul D. Schettler

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Dr. Schettler came to Juniata in 1967 with a Ph.D. from Yale University in physical chemistry.His greatest love is teaching, but he believes that quality experience is the greatest teacher.Thus his goal is to create such experiences for students.

Schettler arrived at Juniata College with a background in metal ammonia solutions and an interest in the electrode kinetics of sodium metal ammonia solutions.He then became interested helping with the energy crisis of the 1970ís.As a result he attacked the problem of how natural gas is stored in shale source rock.This resulted in obtaining contracts with Columbia Gas System Service Corporation, DOE, the Gas Research Institute, and a variety of wireline and service companies.Since that time he has shifted to Field Flow Fractionation, Gas Chromatography, and Computational Chemistry.Currently his main thrust is in the area of calculating gas chromatography retention times.All of his work in these areas have involved extensive student participation.

Dr. Paul D. Schettler

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