Standard Course Policies

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This policy page was updated 8/18/21

The following course policies are for the course sections taught by Dr. Loren Rhodes. Other Academic Honesty  policies as specified by the college are also enforced as noted in the college web-site (on-line here). 

Student Accessibility:

Juniata is committed to provide equitable access for student learning.  To arrange for an accommodation based on a documented medical condition, mental health condition or learning disability (or if you suspect you have one), please contact Patty Klug, Director of Student Accessibility Services, by emailing her at or calling 814-641-5840.  I encourage you to confirm that I have received a copy of your accommodation letter and schedule a time for us to meet to discuss your needs. It is best to submit accommodation requests before the semester begins, although requests can be made at any time during the semester.

Sex Discrimination/Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence

Juniata College affirms the rights of all to live in a community free of interpersonal violence and seeks to connect individuals with the highest quality professional support and guidance when such acts occur.  College policy is compliant with federal Title IX law that prohibits discrimination, harassment and violence based on sex and gender (including sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, stalking, sexual exploitation and retaliation).  If you or someone you know has been the target of sex discrimination, harassment or sexual violence, you can receive confidential support and guidance from the Office for the Prevention of Interpersonal Violence (the SPoT, Ellis Hall), staff of the Juniata Counseling Services (814-641-3353), the College medical staff (814-641-3410), the College Chaplain (814-641-3360) or from Huntingdon House (domestic/dating violence/stalking hotline at 814-643-2801) or the Abuse Network (sexual assault hotline at 814-506-8237).  Non-confidential reports can be directed to Matthew Damschroder, Acting Title IX Coordinator (Founders Hall, 814-641-3157, or to one of the other Deans in the Dean of Students Office, Founders Hall. You can also report to Huntingdon Borough Police at 814-643-3960 or 911.  Except as noted above, all Juniata professors and staff are designated as responsible employees (non-confidential) and are required to report sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.  Every effort will be made to protect your privacy and confidentiality, to the greatest extent possible, while balancing our collective efforts to make our campus a safer place for everyone.


    1. Names and Pronouns: Many people use a name in daily life that is different from their legal name. In this classroom, we seek to use people’s preferred names and pronouns. You are invited (if you want to) to share the name and the pronouns you go by. In this classroom, we will respect and refer to people using the names and personal pronouns that they share.
    2. Respect for Diversity: It is my intent that students from all diverse backgrounds and perspectives be well served by this course, that students’ learning needs be addressed both in and out of class, and that the diversity that students bring to this class be viewed as a resource, strength, and benefit. It is my intent to present materials and activities that are respectful of diversity: race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity,  and culture. Your suggestions are encouraged and appreciated. Please let me know ways to improve the effectiveness of the course for you personally or for other students or student groups. In addition, if any of our class meetings conflict with your religious events, please let me know so that we can make arrangements for you.

Withdrawal policy:

Students may withdraw from the course up until noon on the last day of classes.  In order to withdraw from the course, you need approval only from your advisors.  You are certainly welcome to discuss possible course withdrawal with me and possible strategies to successfully continue in the course.


While every attempt is made to make your classtime worthwhile, attendance is your decision and is not normally a direct part of your grade, but you are responsible for the material covered during your absences.  I expect you to engage in the course, preferably by attendance, and submit assignments on time.  I reserve the right to make adjustments to the syllabus in the course the semester and may announce those changes in class as well as to the syllabus. If you are a remote student, then you should connect by Zoom to participate with the rest of the class.  Every attempt to capture in-class Zoom sessions will be made and posted within a day for those who were unable to attend or connect by Zoom.

Late assignments:

15% deducted after the time due, e.g., beginning of class.  10% per academic calendar day thereafter.  Basically a letter grade per day. Turn in work (listings even with error messages, problem sets) as complete as possible  to demonstrate how they work. In fact, turn in any work for partial credit. 

Extensions may be granted in reasonable circumstances if agreed upon by the instructor at least one day prior to the due date.

Campus Policies Affirmed

  1. Face Covering Policy: Per Juniata’s Covid-19 safety protocol developed by our Contingency Planning Group, face masks will be required in all public spaces on campus, and that includes classrooms.  This policy is designed to protect the health and safety of our community. You will not be permitted to stay in class and will be asked to leave if you are unable to abide by this.
  2. Technology: Since we are in a global pandemic, we will not be exchanging paper at all this semester as all students will have access to course materials on Moodle regardless of your method of instruction.  
  3. We will be recording your classes: Video and audio recordings of class sessions will be part of the classroom activity.  The video and audio recording is used for legitimate educational use/purposes and may be made available to all students presently enrolled in the class. For purposes where the recordings will be used in future class session/lectures, any type of identifying information will be adequately removed from the videos.
  4. COVID-19 Safety: Juniata’s safety protocols are designed to protect the health and safety of all members of our community. 


Collaboration, copying, plagiarizing, and cheating:

Campus-wide policy:

All members of the Juniata College community share responsibility for establishing and maintaining appropriate standards of academic honesty and integrity. Students oblige themselves to follow these standards and to encourage others to do so. Faculty members also have an obligation to comply with the principles and procedures of academic honesty and integrity as listed here through personal example and the learning environment they create.

One of the strongest traditions in higher education is the value the community places upon academic honesty. Academic integrity is an assumption that learning is taken seriously by students and that the academic work that students do to be evaluated is a direct result of the commitment of the student toward learning as well as the personal knowledge gained.

Academic dishonesty, therefore, is an attempt by a student to present knowledge in any aspect as personal when in fact it is knowledge gained by others.

Discussing solutions for an assignment with other students is strongly encouraged. Asking for help (tutors, instructors, peers) is also highly encouraged.  Thus, if you receive any help on an assignment by a classmate, an assistant or otherwise, give credit within in the assignment to that person!  The instructor reserves the right to not award full credit for the assignment in the case of substantial help, but your integrity and accountability is protected.

Turning in work done by others (friends or found on-line) that you claim as your own is not tolerated. Be sure, then, that the final solution turned in for grading is your own work. 

For the first offense of copying, plagiarizing or otherwise cheating, at the discretion of the instructor a zero will be given for the assignment and/or the final course grade will be dropped one full letter grade with no drop privilege.

A subsequent offense on an assignment results in an F for the course with no drop privilege. Cheating in any manner on a test similarly will result in an F for the course with no drop privilege. 

In all cases the Assistant Provost is notified of the infraction and further action will be handled by him/her.


Tutoring Services are offered to all Juniata students for many lower division courses, free of charge, and are intended as a supplement to working with the course professor. Please consult the Juniata Peer Tutoring webpage for more information: If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jennifer DeConde at


Grading Scale

The following is my standard grading scale which deviates from the norm as published in the catalog to your benefit.
E.g,, A's are given for any average over 90, the C and D ranges are expanded to cover 15% intervals.

Course Average Rounded Letter
90.0<=Avg<=100 90-100 A
89.5<=Avg<90 up to 90 A-
86.5<=Avg<89.5 87-89 B+
82.5<=Avg<86.5 83-86 B
79.5<=Avg<82.5 80-82 B-
74.5<=Avg<79.5 75-79 C+
69.5<=Avg<74.5 70-74 C
64.5<=Avg<69.5 65-69 C-
59.5<=Avg<64.5 60-64 D+
54.5<=Avg<59.5 55-59 D
50.0<=Avg<54.5 50-54 D-
Avg<50.0 0-50 F