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JUNIATA COLLEGE, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania


Professor, Department of Accounting, Business and Economics

March 1979 to Present; also Chair (1991 - 1994 and 1997 - 2004)


Have been responsible for undergraduate courses in:

            Business Strategy                     Marketing Management           Marketing Strategy           

            Entrepreneurship                     New Ventures                          Marketing Research 

            Channels of Distribution           Advertising and Promotion       Behavior in Organizations


Beginning in 2003, I designed a unique program in entrepreneurship that enables students to create and launch real new ventures.  I have been instrumental in the formulation and growth of the Juniata Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.  As chair of the department from August 1997 through July 2004, I initiated the accreditation process through the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.  In 1991-94, I coordinated the development of a five-year plan, including a major revision of the curriculum and a four-year implementation schedule.  From 1983 through 1988, I was the coordinator of the Continuing Education Certificate in Management, during which time we expanded the program and achieved record enrollments.


My administrative responsibilities have included elected and appointed positions:

Chairman, Personnel Evaluation Committee

Chairman, Academic Planning Committee

Representative to Trustees Committees: Academic Affairs and Budget

Faculty Athletic Represenatative

Member, Board of Directors, Juniata Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership


I have been appointed to committee assignments:

            Presidential Search (1985 - 86)                International Programs (1980 - 94)

            Strategic Planning (1992 - 97)                 Internship Committee (1990 - 2001)

            Enrollment Development and Retention (intermittently since 1983)

            Enrollment Management (1999 - 2003)


Off-campus consulting experiences have included;

            General management and strategic planning for a construction company

            Consumer research and branch manager training for a major regional bank

            Strategic planning for an electronic components manufacturer

            Inventory control for a retail chain of shoe stores

            Advertising research for a four-location retail store chain

            General marketing for a regional service merchandiser

            Assistance to not-for-profit agencies including United Way

            Numerous projects with small businesses through the College's Business Outreach Center



Director, Institutional Planning and Research - September 1994 to August 1997


Accepted the call from the College President to serve a three-year term as an administrator.  Reported to the Provost / Vice President for Student Development, but worked directly with the President.


As chair of the Strategic Planning Committee: developed the institution’s first, comprehensive plan; drafted key portions and developed a process for reviews and comments on drafts to develop ownership among various constituencies; built links between institutional and departmental planning; successfully linked planning, budgeting and decision-making; provide recommendations to the President’s Cabinet.


In academic planning: represented the Provost on the faculty’s Academic Planning and Assessment Committee; helped design and implement a process of periodic program reviews leading to five-year plans that are integrated with College-wide plans; coordinated the use of outside reviewers and alumni; coordinated review of and recommendations on faculty staffing requests.


Responsibilities in institutional research included: created the first report on strategic indicators to benchmark Juniata’s performance against the best of private, liberal arts colleges; liaison to the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) and the Pennsylvania Independent Colleges and Universities Research Center (PICURC); administration, analysis and reporting on surveys (faculty, freshmen, sophomores, seniors, and alumni ‘90); prepared responses to external surveys (IPEDS, Barron’s Guides, U.S. News, etc.); generated internal reports for management based of survey results.





Director, Product Planning and Research, AP Parts Automotive Division, Toledo, Ohio

August, 1974 to March, 1979


Reported to the Vice President-Marketing, supervised 17 employees in these areas:


Product Management: introduced a $2 million new product on time and within budget; developed strategies for existing product lines and for the orderly phase-out of older product lines; established procedures for introducing new and deleting obsolete part numbers; revised methods for handling dealer and consumer complaints.


Marketing Research:  prepared Division's first comprehensive economic forecasts and detailed market projections; wrote and helped implement tactical plans for particular regional markets; contributed major input to all strategic planning efforts; completed automotive aftermarket's first comprehensive consumer survey and initiated ongoing tracking of consumer buying patterns; designed computerized models of geographic market potential and share; designed a comprehensive system for analysis of competitors.


Information Systems and Sales Forecasting:  audited and completely revamped sales reporting; initiated computerized systems to track sales call effectiveness, to select optimal regional inventories, to simulate competitive price changes, and to restructure sales territories; converted an aggregated sales forecasting system into an SKU-based system.


Manager of Planning Services, Leslie-Locke Division, Akron, Ohio

December, 1972 to August, 1974


Reported to the Division President:  coordinated the implementation of a systematic planning process, covering both short-range operational objectives and long-term strategies; conducted many formal training sessions and prepared first five-year plan; initiated the Division's marketing research function, improved accuracy of sales forecasts, and implemented a Division-wide MBO program; reviewed acquisition prospects for compatibility of product lines.




Economic Analyst, Financial Division, April, 1970 to December, 1972

Forecasted general business conditions and provided industry analyses; designed planning models for raw materials, world rubber supply-demand and world-wide tire capacity; conducted studies on international investment, foreign currency problems, retail store cost allocations, and corporate productivity.


Methods Engineer, International Division, June, 1968 to April, 1970

Responsible for evaluating international plant modernizations and expansions, long-range capital and manpower planning, and coordination of foreign plant methods and standards functions.


Management Trainee, Pottstown Tire Plant, June, 1967 to June, 1968

Learned time and motion study, incentive piecework rates and manpower efficiency; coordinated a Profit Improvement Program, analyzed wage trends, audited production operations, and participated in union grievance and disciplinary proceedings.




M.B.A. with honors, Syracuse University, January, 1983

M.A. in Economics, University of Akron, June, 1972

B.S., Juniata College, June, 1967




Numerous College-related activities have included:  

Coach of Men's Club Volleyball team, which became a varsity sport

Advisor to campus radio station and student business organization.

United States Volleyball Association responsibilities have included: 

Executive Director, Central PA Junior Olympic Volleyball Club, for high school players

Certified scorer and referee

Publicity/Marketing Chairman for the USVBA Keystone Region (most of Pennsylvania).

Jogging, gardening, model railroading.




"Entrepreneurship: Encouraged and Enabled, but not Taught", presented at Association of Pennsylvania University Business and Economics Faculty, October 2004.


"Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum", a case study accepted for the North American Case Research Association for the 2004 annual meeting (and intended for eventual publication).


"Industrial Reorganization - A Legislative Approach", Akron Business and Economic Review, Summer, 1973, Volume 4, Number 2.


Economic Development Model for Huntingdon County, 1988, co-authored under a state grant through Huntingdon County Business and Industry.


Lake Raystown Master Plan, co-authored under a contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


"Which College to Attend: An Application of Consumer Behavior Theory" an unpublished monograph.


"Control and Environmental Stability as Determinants of International Expansion Strategies" an unpublished paper based on research for a graduate course in international management at Syracuse University.

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