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I am interested in functional molecular population genetics and genomics. I have been looking at interesting areas of the Sebastes genome for insight into adaptation and speciation processes, and working with colleagues on the genetic basis for negligible senescense in rockfishes.  I am interested in application of Next Generation sequencing to studies in ecology and evolution.  I am the coordinator of a network of faculty who teach at primarily undergraduate institutions with similar interests ( and are dedicated to improving undergraduate education by using raw sequence as an educational catalyst for active teaching approaches.  I am the program director of an HHMI funded project, "The Genomics Leadership Initiative at Juniata College."




Introductory Biology Laboratory

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Current and Past Research Students

Ben Fowler

Andrea Waksmunski

Kate Shelledy

Cassy Wisyanski

Tiffany Tran

Neal Rodgers

Alex Sickler

Amanda Epstien

Erin Royer

Alex Weimer

John Whitehead

Caitlyn Bowman

Megan Zerba

Andrea Burton

Ashton Bunce

John Cagino

Kristine Karkoska

Tom Evans

Travis Deptola

Kate Martucci

Andrew Loveitt

Brian Markovich

Steven Gregory
Josh Hatch

Steve Beck

Katey Glunt

Heather Hassel

Amy Mullen

Jason Shiring

Debby Mensch

Amy Skibiel

Robin Koval

Jennifer Mikula



 (*Undergraduate, Masters, or Ph.D. Student Author)

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