What's coming up NExT?


The Spring 2010 workshop will be held on Friday, April 9, 2010, just before the Allegheny Mountain Section Spring Meeting at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown.  Doug Ensley (Shippensburg University) will present the workshop “Discrete Mathematics: Puzzles, Patterns, and Proof”.


His abstract is as follows:

Discrete Mathematics includes many of the underlying principles for the sorts of puzzles, patterns, and games that appeal to students. This fact can be exploited to design engaging problems and activities for the introduction of topics in a traditional discrete mathematics or “transitions” course. This workshop will present a series of examples and provide participants with the resources and inspiration to design even more.


Bio:  Doug Ensley is Professor of Mathematics at Shippensburg University, where he has been on the faculty since receiving his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon in 1993.  Ensley has nearly twenty years of experience running professional development workshops, mini-courses, and summer programs, particularly those that apply to discrete mathematics and the use of technology in teaching mathematics.  Ensley has been PI on an NSF grant to develop technology-based learning material for the student-centered teaching of mathematical proof, which is incorporated in the textbook, Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with PuzzlesPatterns and Games (John Wiley & Sons). More recently he co-founded the website,www.flashandmath.com, which won the 2009 ICTCM Award for Excellence and Innovation with the Use of Technology in Collegiate Mathematics. In the MAA world he is past chair and governor of the Eastern PA/ Delaware section, an inaugural (=old) Fellow in Project NExT, and a founding member of the the MathDL Advisory Board.  He is currently serving as Second Vice President of the national MAA. (http://webspace.ship.edu/deensley/)


We will begin with lunch at 12:30pm, with the workshop to begin at about 1:00pm.  


Check the Spring Meeting announcement on the Allegheny Mountain Section webpage http://www.maa.org/alleghenymtn for the Section NExT meeting location and a map of the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown.


Section NExT welcomes our current and previous members, as well as any new faculty members in the Section!  For more information about Section NExT or the Spring Workshop, please contact Tami Lakins (tlakins@allegheny.edu) or John Thompson (jwt01@pitt.edu).


We look forward to seeing you in April!