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General Religion: Website sponsored by the American Academy of Religion (AAR). This site is especially helpful in thinking about the reasons for studying religion in college, what to expect from Religious Studies in an academic setting, and typical job prospects once one has completed a course of study. A fine web page full of lots of helpful information on various religious traditions. : Another fine page organized around studying religion from social scientific perspectives : In existence since 1995, this web site focuses on free internet resources of use to researchers involved in the academic study of religion. It contains search engines organized by both format and topic. : A comprehensive data base with information on all aspects of religion and religious studies. This site can be a powerful tool. : An small site with information on a range of topics related to religious studies including various religious studies programs around the world, brief entries on major world religions, journals and other news sources. : An independent, multi-faith “web-community.” It provides a variety of types of information on all things religious. It often wins awards for its reporting on religious news.

Abrahamic Monotheisms : Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. Sponsored by Georgetown University, the center has become well-known for its excellence in Islamic Studies. : The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College promotes dialogue and understanding between Christians and Jews. This web site includes online forums, articles, and a large depository of documents from both within and without the center, educational mateials, reviews, streaming video and some links to other sites. : From Harvard's Dumbarton Oaks Center, it catalogues 100 translations of various collections of medieval saints' stories. It appears to be especially good for the Greek church traditions. : This is your source for all things Quaker. : A source for Latin American Liberation Theology.

Non-western World Religions : A general purpose web resource for Hinduism. It contains texts, historical surveys, entries on traditional medicine, customs and worship practices, guides to Indian temples and iconography, even chat rooms and an on-line Vedic astrology service. : A non-profit web site developed and maintained in Australia with e-books, audio feeds, and meditation recommendations. It serves all branches of Buddhism.

Bible: : Biblical Studies in the Web site. Offers links to Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome as well as 100s of others. Offers access to a variety of e-journals in Biblical Studies. This web site is divided into four useful pages - Biblical texts and translations, e-publications in Biblical Studies, resources for the study of mediterranean social world, and a Philo of Alexandria page. : An excellent resource for multiple translations of the Bible, Greek and Hebrew versions, and a variety of reference works both electronic and paper.

Religion and Science: : This is a multi-media site dedicated to creative interaction between science and religion. Religion is heavily freighted in the direction of Western theism. : The website for one of several religion and science institutes. It offers an online journal where some important publications appear in this field. : This is the official website for the Hubble Space telescope which has probably done more to expand the visual imagination of the world than any other single scientific development. : The website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Supported by the National Library of medicine and the National institutes of Health. : Institute on Religion in an Age of Science. The group's logo is that they work for a "dynamic and positive relationahip between religion and science." : A clearinghouse for science among the world's elite thinkers. The site includes recommended "edge" books, and e-journal, discussion boards, and many other sources of information for those wanting to keep abreast of developments in science.

Wicca and Other Neopagan Resources: ; The premier site for all things witchy. Well-maintained with copious links, essays, discussions, book reviews, and event postings. ; A search engine for pagan web resources : Pagan Internet Portal. Hosts several discussion boards, links to various articles, as well as postings of events and where to go to buy all your witching needs

Other: : The Internet Classics Archive containing electronic copies of some 441 works from classic literature. Look up Plato, Aristotle, Aristophanes, Sophocles, Homer, or Aeschylus, to name only a few. electronic copies of some 441 works from classic literature. Look up Plato or Aristotle here., Aristophanes, Sophocles, Homer, or Aeschylus, to name only a few.electronic copies of some 441 works from classic literature. Look up Plato, Aristotle, Aristophanes, Sophocles, Homer, or Aeschylus, to name only a few.